Corporate events, meetings and incentives in Rome and Italy

Today a growing part of increasing business depends ond the ability to plan out events focused to strengthen a company internally, by sharing ideas, values and knowledge whithin the company members, employees and distributors, but also to communicate to a vast public the company brand, values and its place in a wide and changing world. One of the most effective ways this can be accomplished is to have an ongoing corporate event program, effectively design on the real needs and requirements of the participants.

Rome offers infinite outstanding locations and solutions for any type of event, incentive or meeting, but is also often hard and expensive to plan and budget the right event.

What we offer is to design unique events starting not from the “how” but from the “why”, which means that we need to know what are the goals that the event is planned to achieve.

The excellence of services and the originality of our products make us the ideal Agency for the organization of unique social and corporate events with success. Starting form the simple guided tour before an exclusive dinner in a museum o in an historical building, passing through the treasure hunt to the aperitif with a guided tour to a subterranean site,and many other solutions we offer that can be fitted to any kind of budget and company. Up to day many public and private companies use our services such as: Abbott, Allianz, Angelini, Asus, Carlsson Wagonlits, Cushman & Wakefield, Enel, Eni, IKEA, ISPRA , Novartis, MBDA, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, Puccioni Spa, Riccadomus Spa, SEADAM, Senato della Repubblica, Università dell’Aquila, Vodafone.

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Some of our preferred locations:

Auditorium di Mecenate

Palazzo e Galleria Doria Pamphilij

Palazzo e Galleria Colonna

Palazzo Ferrajoli

Palazzo Caffarelli – Terrazza

Palazzo Sacchetti

Palazzo Falconieri

Palazzo Taverna

Oratorio del Gonfalone a Via Giulia

Chiostro del Bramante
Villa Grazioli – Frascati

Guided Tours of Rome and Italy on the footsteps of the Grand Tour Travelers

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