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Basoli Capriccio

“We are all pilgrims who seek Italy”, Goethe wrote in a poem in  1790, two years after his return to Germany from his almost two-year spell in the land he had long dreamed of.  But don’t worry, you do not need to be a poet, a genius or spend two years travelling though Italy to feel the same enthusiasm and capture the same memories of Italy. Even a 24 hours flight layover will give you a flavour of the boot shaped country, that will make you fall in love with Italy, just like Goethe.

Below you will find some of our featured locations and highlight tour, although we are always happy to design custom experiences.

Classic 7 Days  Grand Tour of Italy Rome, Florence, Venice

10 Days Grand Tour of Italy  Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Florence, Venice

21 Days Grand Tour of Italy


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Guided Tours of Rome and Italy on the footsteps of the Grand Tour Travelers

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