Guided Tours of Catania



Discover the heart of Catania, it’s Roman Amphitheatre, built with black lava blocks, and nestled at a lower level than the modern city.

Catania has a distinct baroque atmosphere, which you will see strolling with your expert local guide through its elegant buildings, squares and splendid churches.

Visit the University Palace with its decorated courtyard of Mount Etna pebble mosaic and the Cathedral, it’s “Seven Doors” protecting S. Agatha’s treasure and the famous “candelora”, a full silver hand sculptured piece that is shoulder borne through Catania during the patron saint’s celebration week. We will see the Ursino Castle, and of course the Stone Elephant symbol itself of Catania!  

You can also find time to look at the several quaint shops, boutiques, Sicilian restaurants, trendy cafeterias. Here you cannot miss the chance to indulge yourself in the local pastry with Sicilian ricotta stuffed cannoli and almond and pistachio pastries or what about a Gelato in the city that claims to have invented it for the very first time over 400 years ago.

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