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Tour of St. Mark’s Square, The Basilica of San Marco.

In the Dark Ages, the barbarian invasions forced the people living on the mainland of the Lagoon to move in to the middle of it. In the VIII cent. they started colonizing the little islands around the Rialto area and the island of Malamocco. They had nothing but salt and fish so they became traders by necessity. The Lagoon was in a key position between the Western Kingdoms and the Eastern Roman Empire: Constantinople, the way of silk and spices, that they eventually sacked in 1204 during the Fourth Crusade.

The Basilica is a celebration of the power of the Republic of Venice.

The body of St. Mark, the city’s patron saint, was stolen from Alexandria in 828 and housed in the Basilica.

Piazza San Marco is the civil heart of Venice. Napoleon referred to the Piazza as the ‘drawing room of Europe’. The Venetians have always kept the square free from monuments and statues

The Doge’s Palace & the Bridge of Sighs.

Visit to The Church of Santa Maria della Salute

Gondola Ride in Venice

Enjoy a gondola ride on the narrow & beautiful canals.

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