Guided Tours of Underground Rome

Rome was once the largest City in the world, as it was the Capitol City of the largest western Empire from the 1st Century BC to the 3rd Cent. AD. Almost abandoned during the Dark Ages its buildings were left with no maintainence and ruined down: erthquakes, water flods, time itself covered the ancient buildings under 20 or even 30 feet of sediments, bricks, marbles. After the first millennium AD and in the Renaissaince the medieval and modern Rome were build over the ruins of the roman buildings, sometimes reclycling the old structures but most of the times just building on top ignoring what was underground.

Today hundreds of crypts, rooms, fountains, houses, temples, tombs are still perfectly preserved underground. It is an unique tresure not open to everyone, but a visit to Rome not inlcuding this sites will be missing one of Rome’s most attractive aspects. Most of the sites are not open to the public not accompained by a Guide, because the visit might be dangerous or not easily understandable. For this we have designed 8 three-hours itineraries to the Underground Rome.

Times and itineraries may be subject to little changes according to availability of the sites:

All tours are private and invididuals, run by a Specialized Licensed Tour Guide. The meeting point is normally at the Hotel or in front of the first monument. The walking tours do not include transportation. Tips at the entrance of some sites and to the Guide and Driver are welcomed, but only if you really appriciated their job!

Guided Tours of Rome and Italy on the footsteps of the Grand Tour Travelers

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