10 Must to do things in Rome

This is a list of must-do things in Rome, both classic and unconventional. Every Roman has don eat least 6 things out of 10, pleaase make sure that during your stay you do at list half of the things listed below. They are in a random order hence feel free to shedule them in a convenient way for you.

1) Enter the Colosseum, visit the fist floor and overlook that from the inside.

2) See the Sistine Chapel when there are very few people early in the morning, like 8.oo AM, or late in the afternoon before the closing time at 5.3 PM.

3) Toss the coin in the Trevi Fountain, and go to the right side where the are two drinking fountains to drink the water!

4) Overlook Rome from one of the following points: the “Gianicolo” (best!), the Aventine hill, the Palatine hill, or from the top of Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome or from the top of the Vittoriano.

5) Strolling along Via dei Condotti (from Piazza di Spagna aka the Spanish Steps) to look at the windows of all the big brands boutiques such as Prada, Guggi, Bulgari and so on.

6) Have a glass of wine or an aperitif in Campo de’ Fiori in the evening.

7) Look trought the keyhole on the Aventine hill and see what’s at the end of the garden lane!

8) Put bravely your hand in the mouth of the “Mouth of Truth”, Bocca della Verità in italian.

9) Enter the Pantheon, go to the center and then explore some of the side chapels.

10) Have a gelato, a cone, not a cup, two or three scubs, in one of the may gelateria’s between the Pantheon area and the Piazza Navona ending up eating it strolling in the same square.

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