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Finding the right hotel rooms in Italy can sometimes be challeging: with hundreds of online and offline  hotel deals and cheap hotel offers you never know which one may be the best deal for you. This is why we have created few pages to guide you to find the best deal for you.

First of all choose your destination, then according to your itinerary locate which area will work best for you and last find the best hotel in that area, which may not necessary be the cheapest. Sometimes you get much more by paying just a little bit extra. So before you book and hotel room other than the  discount rate, be sure the Hotel in in the City center or at least well served by local transportation. One thing to consider is that public transportation in Italy is often on strike.

Also, unless you are by the Beach or in a Montain resort and you intedn to make the most out of your Hotel you tend not to spend much time in your hotel room or in the lobby, hence a better located hotel may be better than a  grand hotel or a park hotel located miles from anything as travel daily to and from you  hotel may result more expensive and cancel the benefit of  getting hotel deals.

How to choose the perfect accomodation for your stay:

First of all consider all type of accomodation and not only hotels.

Always look at the itinerary or the activites you intend to do during your stay. for Example if you are staying in Florence and renting a car to explore Tuscany you may well stay in a nice park hotel or resort in the Tuscany Hill or why not, by the sea.

Sometimes best accomodation can be a private houre renting rooms or studios, or even a BB, may of them have a quality and lever of services higher than the average 2 or 3 stars hotel.

Generally speaking the Hotels by the train Staitions are to be avoided, unless you are really on a budget and don’t mind hostels & co, you often end up in a very unplesant place.

The Grand Tour offers Hotel packages and hotel reservation only on a limited number of Hotels. If you haven’t booked your hotel or accomodation try us by sending an email or just giving us a Call, it ti importanto that you already have an idea of the period and the destination.

On the following pages you will find our favourite Hotel Selection, from the Italy’s best hotels to the family run “Pensione” with no frills but clean and charming.


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