Things to Do in Rome

When in Rome do as Romans do… you may well have heard this popular adagio (way of saying) but nowadays it is even hard for a true Roman to do Roman stuff !

My suggestion is to approach Rome with a different mentality than you would do in Paris, New York or Barcelona. Do not tend to pack your days with activities or to book too many things. I will keep you posted on what’s new and whant’s on but first of all you have to understand that Rome, unlike mosto of western cities, is happy to reaveal all its secrets if you just sit in busy crossroad or in square and look, listen or even smell!

driving-vespa-in-rome-high-heels  Traffic, both of pedestrians and vehicles, is Always hectic in Rome. You will be able to see Vespas zig zagginz betwenn cars, but my favourite are the women driving a vespa on high heels and all dressed up!

So whatever is your plan to spend your time in Rome do spand some time just stearing  at people and things happening in Rome.


Things to do in Italy

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There is a popular way of saying “When in Rome do as Romans do” but although it sounds pretty inviting it may be difficult to find authentic italian activities which at the same time will result safe and enjoyable.




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