Unique Guided Tours of Rome, Italy & Europe

The Grand Tour offers a wide range of Unique Guided Tours, Walks, Driving Tours, Excursions and Activities to enjoy Rome, Italy and Europe’s infinite cultural and historical heritage. We are offering you the unique experience of “The Grand Tour”: lived experience of Art and Culture “off the beaten tracks” and away from the crowds and the mass tourism routes. We create Unique bespoke educational, cultural and exciting trip discovering the Secrets of Rome and Italy with our Private Tours and Small Group Tours lead by the best Official Tour Guides and Experts, such as Historians, Archaeologists and Wine Sommeliers.

The Grand Tour provides excellent personalised Tours and Excursions, private guides and private driving and walking tours. We also offer shared, small group activities, where you can meet like minded travelers and share unique travelling experiences.
Our guides concentrate on the explanation of the meaning and the facts which are “behind” history and culture, and also on the commentaries made by the Poets and the Artists in the past, giving you the elements to understand and enjoy what you are visiting.
Our tours are designed for a culturally curious traveller, interested in a deeper understanding. Our tours are easy and not exhausting, which makes them the perfect choice for families, aged travelers and people with special needs. Finally our tours are not for the rush-here-rush-there tourist, but for travelers which asks for a bit more from their experience of Rome and Italy.
We are a fully licensed business and offer full financial protections for our travellers.

Our Testimonials

  • Mario deserves far more than 5 stars, he is the absolute BEST! I contacted Mario about 9 months prior to our trip to Italy and we began a dialogue that produced a fantastic experience for five adults and five teens/preteens. Not only did Mario plan our tours and book our "skip the line" tickets, but he booked private transportation within and between cities which provided us with a VIP experience. Mario not only shares his knowledge of Rome and surrounding cities with you, but he provides extra "surprises" which enhance your experience beyond that of a typical tourist. Mario was beloved by the adults and teens alike. He is quick witted and connected immediately with our group aged 11 to 53. When one of the kids mentioned something that particularly interested them, Mario went out of his way to further explain or even take us to an additional site of interest. Using Mario was a significant investment in our vacation and one that made the trip ten times better than what we would have been able to do on our own. We highly recommend Mario and The Grand Tour. We love Mario and cannot wait to use him again!
    Kimber H 2 December 2015
  • We met Mario at the Vatican museums for a day long tour of the museums and St. Peter's Basilica. He was awesome. He arranged our tickets and rapid entry into the Vatican. He knew exactly where to go and when so we could enjoy the museums without the crowds. His knowledge of the art was exceptional and he was able to pace us through the museums at a good pace. He knew when to take a break and quick access to bathrooms. He has a GREAT sense of humor. He helped us arrange a private driver for a trip to the airport. We would use Mario again for any trip we plan to Italy.
    lori g 25 November 2016
  • This is a truly great tour of Europe. Mr. Mario was knowledgeable and engaging. I went for three days to Rome with my uncle, and was blown away by the quality of this tour! I cannot recommend enough this tour! Thank you, Mr. Mario!
    SpinningForkRavioli 23 April 2017
  • We spent 4 days in Rome and 3 days in Florence and every day was a perfect mix of fun, learning and relaxation. It all started weeks before when we corresponded via emails with Mario. He worked with us to understand what we wanted to do and make recommendations on things we had not considered. He helped with everything -hotels, tours, trains, and restaurants. Then from the moment we arrived until we left, everything happened the way he promised. Of course being a family, we had to keep things flexible and be able to change things on the fly. Mario was flexible and accommodated us as needed. His expert knowledge of all things Italian made it a learning experience as well as fun. The other tour guides he arranged for us - Virginia in Florence and Valentina were also knowledgeable and pleasant. Could not have been happier. My advice - don't leave a once-in-a-lifetime trip Italian trip to chance, use Mario to make it a memorable one.
    TCR_10 21 May 2017

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    “There is certainly no place in the world where a man may travel with greater Pleasure and Advantage than in Italy. One finds something more particular in the face of the country and more astonishing in the works of nature, than can be met with any other part of Europe. It is the great school of Music and Painting, and contains in it all the noblest Productions of Statuary and Architecture, both Ancient and Modern ….There is scarce any part of the Nation that is not Famous in History, nor so much as a Mountain or River that has not been the scene of some extraordinary Action.”
    Joseph Addison, 1745